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Home PTO Minutes September 2022

September 2022


DATE: Thursday, September 1, 2022 TIME: 5:00 pm




Jessica Obrzut - Co President, Michelle Trevino - Co President

Amanda Dabbas - Vice President, Stacy Judy - Secretary, Jodi Maneetti - Treasurer


Present: Lauren Turvey, Brian Sorg, Stacy Judy, Jodi Manetti, Alex Williamson, Jessica Orbzut, Amanda Dabbas, Nicole Sallans, Lauren Sanford, Teresa Brown, Katie Hoffman, Katie Fisk, Katie Bialek 



PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Members stood for the Pledge of Allegiance led Dr Sorg


SECRETARY REPORT: welcomed the parents and staff in attendance,introduced the new Board members. The PTO calendar, Budget, and agenda were passed out along with the volunteer sign up forms


PRINCIPAL REPORT: Dr. Sorg shared his principal’s report, which has been attached to the Minutes. There were no questions. 


TREASURER REPORT: Jodi Manetti shared the new budget

  • Motion to approve: Jodi Manett

Second - Nicole Sallans

Budget Approved


CAPE REPORT: Jessica shared that they are looking for volunteers for Young Hearts to give EKGs on September 13 at Plainfield Central. They will provide training the day before. They will be piloting Big Brothers, Big Sisters and are looking for mentors.  There are 3 board member openings for the election in April or May  It was asked what CAPE is so Jessica and Dr. Sorg explained.  Cape dues are now  $200, but they are requesting $250 to pay an extra $50 rather than fundraising.  Cape dues will need to be changed on the budget.

  • Motion to increase CAPE dues budget to $250 by: Jessica Orbutz

Second - Nicole Sallans

CAPE increase Approved



  • Fundraising Committee

    • Day of Awesomeness for 2022-2023 School Year:has earned 25K so far.  On September 20th volunteers will be needed for the Day of Awesomeness.  8 to 10  volunteers for each wave.

    • Family Dinner Night began yesterday with Culvers Night  we earn 10% of sales.  We do not have have a report of earnings yet. September is Panera, Chic Filet is October, and Portillos is November.  The committee will schedule something easy for December. 

    • Amanda is in the process of scheduling a fundraiser with Five Below


  • Homecoming Committee

  • Our float theme is Welcome to Jurassic Park.  We can have up to 50 walkers.  It is the 70th year of the homecoming parade which is the longest running parade in Illinois.  The parade has a new route this year 

  • There will be a PTO float build night along with a child care with a movie


  • Trunk-or-Treat Committee 

    • We need volunteers to pass candy and to help arrange for food trucks. A question was asked if businesses could have a trunk for Trunk-or-Treat.  The answer was yes.



  • Volunteers

The board passed out volunteer sign up sheets.  The first activity volunteers are needed for is Popcorn day next Friday.  It is not necessary to volunteer the entire time.  

  • Water Jugs

Teachers have requested the PTO provide water for their water cooler. The board priced services and decided to buy jugs at Jewel.  Nick Manetti has volunteered to carry in the jugs.  We will 

start with 6 jugs and then see how quickly they need more.  


  • Next General Meeting is on DEcember 5 at 4:00 



No questions



Motion to adjourn: Alex. Williamson

Second: Nicole Sallans


September 1, 2022

Meadow View PTO Meeting 

Principal Report 


  1. Welcome and Thank you for attending today’s meeting


  1. I would like to encourage our parents to volunteer for PTO activities, as we have many wonderful events planned  and always welcome new volunteers


  1. As of today, MV has an enrollment of 544 students


  1. I am proud to report the school year is off to a great start.


  1. New certified staff to MV this school year:

-Amy Ehm - Special Education Administrator

-Paula Wisniewski - Social Worker

-Caley Trepac - 4th Grade

-Stephanie Koska - 5th Grade

-Sammy Leonard - Title I Intervention teacher

-Jessica Elder - PE/Health

Stephanie Acevedo - PT


  1. MV teachers in new positions this school year:

  • Mary Sue Larson - Kindergarten

  • Lauren Gull - 4th Grade

  • Ken Blair - EL Teacher

  • Shannon Crissip - Reading Specialist

  • Erin Hernandez - Learning Specialist 


  1. Staffing opportunities across the District

  • Substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, lunch supervisor

  • SPED Paraprofessionals (District and MV)


  1. Monday, September 5th is a Labor Day - No School


  1. Monday, September 19th is a SIP Day - No Student attendance


  1. Based on Teacher feedback we have moved the Fall Parties to Monday, October 31st and the winter parties to Wednesday, December 21st.  **This is a change from what is listed on the Pto calendar**


  1. Questions


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