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November Cape 2021

CAPE Report

November 19th, 2021

Parade Trophy Presentation:


1st Place Central Elementary, 2nd Place Wesmere Elementary, 3rd Place Charles Reed Elementary

Middle School

1st Place Timber Ridge MS, 2nd Place Aux Sable MS, 3rd Place Plainfield Academy

High School

1st Place Choir Boosters, 2nd Place French Club, 3rd Place PNHS Drama Club



Dr. Abrell


  • Continuing to work hard to keep students in the school building as much as possible as rules, regulations change and move daily.
  • Thank you to all our school board members for all that they do. It is a thankless job and they are working hard to do the very best for all our students.


Tom Hernandez


  • All seven middle schools and East and Central did a mobile museum of tolerance this last two weeks. Civil Rights, Anne Frank, Positive Difference Makers were all possible presentations that the students could see. A big thank you to Dr. Abrell for working so hard to get this bus into the schools


Plainfield Academy, Principal Marcus Lyke


  • High School fall plays are well underway.
  • Plainfield Academy has teamed with Bags of Hope and the Academy is now the home of the program. PStep is using this program as a job instruction.
  • Signs of Suicide run for the first time in Academy, and it was a success.
  • Leroy the therapy dog is working extra hard this year.


Heritage Grove, Principal Dnielle Cournaya

  • Middle Schools are also working on Fall Plays.
  • Middle School Bands and Choirs just did their first concerts.
  • Mobile Museum was amazing


Mina Griffith, Covid Update

  • We have a very safe environment for students and staff.
  • Slight increase in cases in the district, but still nowhere near what we had the past two years.
  • Many cases are asymptomatic.
  • Shield Cases are only showing 200 cases and only 49 of them were found positive.
  • Discouraging students from testing if already positive for 90 days.
  • A few outbreaks primarily at the elementary
  • Excited about the Pfizer vaccine now available to younger students.
  • Will County and Kendall both have vaccines available for students.
  • Vaccine Clinics offered at the schools were available to all kids not just in the district.
  • Anyone identified as positive must be excluded from school, no matter of their vaccination status or asymptomatic or not.
  • Difference of quarantine versus exclusion from school. Doctors or health department can quarantine, but the school district does exclusion from school
  • We are not hosting another site for child vaccine clinics with the health department. At this point because the health department has so many appointments available right now.
  • Recent suicides in surrounding districts have been happening and we are PCCN two parenting talks in December on how to support their students all staff are trained in identifying students survey is offered to students to identify those who may be at risk. The Plainfield Parent Community Network is planning a presentation soon, which will be publicized: https://

School Board (BOE):

 Kevin Kirberg

  • Huge thank you to the administration, staff, and everyone.
  • Students are finally starting to find a routine and getting to “normal” school.
  • We are working hard to get our students back to where they need to be.


Community Report:

Veronica-Plainfield Public Library

  • Monday, the anime club meets for teens.
  • Wednesday, the library closes at 5:00.
  • There is a dinosaur meet and greet next Friday
  • Next Saturday 5:00-8:00 holiday market for adults.

Laura Yanchic Joliet Library

  • Thanksgiving craft is currently being handed out.
  • Wednesday next week there will be a bingo get together.
  • Mixture of online and in person programs are currently happening.
  • Polar Express kit to take home and a teen craft kit will be available in December.
  • A New Year's Eve party in a bag will be offered as well.

Plainfield Park District

  • Still trying to connect with someone from the park district.



CAPE President Report:

Atiya Coleman Young

PTO Meetings

  • We will be popping into meetings to talk and share about ourselves. We want to show support and love to you all.

House Representatives

  • Description will be coming soon about what this will look like.
  • If you have any interest, please let us know.
  • This will be another layer of support.

Teacher Support

  • Everyone is working so hard to do the best for all our students.
  • Please show our staff a little extra love right now. They deserve it. Something as little as thank you notes.

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