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March 2023 PTO Minutes


DATE: Wednesday, May 18, 2023 TIME: 4:00 pm




Jessica Obrzut – President | Amanda Dabbas & Lauren Sanford - Co-Vice Presidents/ 

Jodi Manetti– Treasurer | Stacy Judy– Secretary


Present Jodi Manetti, Jessica Orbzut, Stacy Judy, Brian Sorg, Lauren Sanford, Amanda Dabbas, Katie Bialek, Rocio Gonzalez, Vickie Matthies, Katie Hoffman, Liz Garcia, Katie Hoffman


CONVENE: at 4:05

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Members stood for the Pledge of Allegiance led by Jessica Obrzut

WELCOME: welcomed the parents and staff in attendance



 Stacy asked for a motion to approve the general meeting minutes

Motioned: Jodi Manetti 

                                 Second:  Lauren Sandford 


Stacy Judy asked for a motion to approve the board meeting minutes

                Motioned:  Lauren Sanford

                                                  Second:  Jodi Manetti 



PRINCIPAL REPORT: Dr. Sorg shared his principal’s report, which has been attached to the Minutes. 



  •  Jodi suggested raising the building enhancement fund from 15K to 30K. We already used the fund to purchase a new laminator and poster maker.  We are redoing the teacher lounge as well.

Motion to approve - Katie Bialek

Second Stacy Judy

Motion passed


  •  Jodi Shared that she will be separating the nurse and social worker budgets in two separate budgets rather than a shared one. She suggested changing from a single $600 budget to giving each of them a $400 budget

Motion to approve - Katie Bialek

Second Stacy Judy

Motion passed


  • The holiday shop has stockpiled inventory for next year so it looks like we made less than we did on the holiday shop this year.


CAPE REPORT:  Jessica Obrutz 

  • The winners of our Meadowview Cape awards are Mrs. Saler for teacher of the year, Nurse Sherri for support staff, and Amanda Dabbas for parent volunteer.  

  • The district is pushing everyone to complete the essential survey.  Many schools do not meet the 20% participation threshold to receive a report on the results.  

  • The district is hiring paraprofessionals and substitutes

  • The Cape dinner has been changed to a black tie luxury Bingo night held at the Bolingbrook Country Club  The Meadowview PTO needs to donate a basket for this adult only event.  IT should be a $50 to $100 value.  Jessica would like to avoid alcohol since this is a school sponsored event.  

  • We have another Cape award that we need to vote on.  It is open to everyone to nominate and a Connect Ed will be sent out.  


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Amanda Dabbas & Lauren Sanford

  • Fundraising Committee

    • Skate Night is tomorrow night. Half of the admission price goes back to the school.  

    • Amanda asked everyone what they thought about the Connect Eds and if there were too many.  Parents indicated they liked getting the reminders because they forget a lot. 

  • Garage Sale

    • The garage sale will be from 10 am to 2 pm and food trucks will start at 11.  

    • The committee is still trying to find food trucks. Dr. Sorg will see if there is a district list of approved vendors.  All vendors need paperwork on file with the district.

    • To remove the concrete barriers, email Dr. Sorg 48 to 72 hours before the event

    • Tables are 6 feet long and the parking spaces are 10 x 20.  There are 109 spaces not including handicapped spaces.

    • Amanda asked about asking fifth grade to make signs and Katie suggested using Student Council

    • Dr. Sorg said the garage sale can be moved to the gym if weather is bad.  The gym door F can also be left open so bathrooms can be used and tables to eat may be set up inside.

    • Dr. Sorg will offer the overtime to Nora to help with clean up. 

    • Dr. Sorg said that we can advertise on the marquee 


  • Smencils - selling Smencils was revisited and the board decided to hold off on selling them until next year.

  • Springbank Aquatic Park Raffle - The raffle is open to any Meadowview families, including staff.  The winner must be a registered Meadowview family or staff member. Raffle tickets will cost $10 each. Families may purchase as many as they would like.   Jessica is creating a flyer for the raffle.  The winner will be announced at Family Fun Day on May 11.  

  • Family Dinner Night

    • April 19 at Buffalo Wild Wings in North Plainfield.  The closer location does not do these.

    • Friday, May 5 is Oberweis.  We must RSVP 20 people coming in order to lock in the date so Amanda asked everyone at the meeting to RSVP

    • The committee is thinking about whether or not they would like to do family dinner events in the summer months



  • Upcoming PTO Events

    • Popcorn Day - next on April 14, then May 12.

    • Movie Night is Wednesday, March 30 at 4:00

      • We will be watching The Rise of Gru.  A community member has loaned us their b minion inflatables and Amanda purchased Minion decorations.

      • 14 highschool students have signed up to volunteer.

      • We are allowing walkers this time since it will be light out 

      • There will be a sign up genius for volunteers to help pop popcorn starting around 2:00


  • Wednesday, May 17 at 4:00 will be the final PTO meeting of the school year.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week is the week of May 8. The board decided which days they will do each activity for the staff.  They also asked Dr. Sorg to ask teachers about any food allergies.  

    • Monday -Lunch catering

    • Tuesday- desserts.  Parents will be asked to donate

    • Wednesday - Snack cart

    • Thursday - Microwave popcorn bags will be left in the lounge for teachers to use in one of their two new microwaves

    • Friday - Smoothie will be made in the teacher’s lounge


  • The PTO Board requested to meet with Dr Sorg sometime in June to create the PTO schedule and budget.  

  • End of the year student gifts were discussed and the board would like to do shirts that they can also wear for field day, but are unsure if they can find them within budget. Several members will look into this.  Stacy asked Dr. Sorg if we would be allowed to get sponsors for the shirt. He said we would. 

  • The board asked Dr. Sorg what, if anything, is needed for Field Day from the PTO.  He said only funds.

  • The board asked Dr. Sorg what, if anything, is needed from PTO for Kindergarten Roundup.  He said they were looking at moving roundup to the summer because many register after the roundup. We discussed a welcome gift for kindergarten.  Amanda wanted to create a cute list for parents of things to know.  

  • We have open board co-positions or member-at-large positions.  A few people expressed an interest in being a member at large.




  • Parent inquired about improving warmth for waiting students at drop off.  Dr.Sorg explained that they follow the same criteria as indoor recess to bring the students to wait inside. 


  • It was asked who the PTO teacher liaison is.  Lauren Turvey is the teacher liaison. 



The meeting was adjourned at 5:11


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