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March 2021




MV PTO General Meeting Minutes

Welcome & Pledge

A meeting of the Meadow View PTO General Members was held virtually through Google Meet on Wednesday 03/24/2021 at 6:06 PM.


Alex Baltrus - President |Jodi Harris - 1st Vice President |Christy Blanco – Treasurer |Lacie Pifko - Secretary |  Katie Bialek Assistant Principal | Brian Sorg - Principal | Lauren Turvey - Member | Nicole Lawson - Member

Pledge of Allegiance


Alex Baltrus welcomes and thanks all attendees for coming. We are looking forward to students coming back.

Secretary’s Report

The Minutes from the January 2021 General meeting were posted to the Meadow View Elementary website.  No revisions or additions were requested.

Motion to Approve – 1st Alex Baltrus, 2nd Christy Blanco

A Special Meeting of the MV PTO was held on February 17th, 2021 at 6:06pm. The meeting announced the accepted MV PTO 2021-23 Board candidates: Atiya Young, Lauren Turvey, Nicole Lawson, and Lacie Pifko. There were no floor nominees/nominations. The meeting concluded at 6:18pm

Motion to Approve - 1st Alex Baltrus, 2nd Jodi Harris

Principal Report

Presented by Dr. Sorg. Document has been inserted to be included in the minutes (see below).

 Treasurer Report

Presented by Christy Blanco:

BusCk Starting Balance as of FEB 1, 2021 $6,753.49 - BusCk Deposits for FEB, 2021 $249.19 - Disbursements $483.97 BusCk Balance as of FEB 28, 2021 $6,518.71.

ResSAV Balance as of FEb 1, 2021 $4006.49 - $0 deposits - $0 Disbursements - Balance FEB 28, 2021 $4006.49

BESAV Balance as of FEB 1, 2021 $12,125.92 - $0 deposits - $0 Disbursements - Balance FEB 28, 2021 $12,125.92

Copies of this report are available by request.  Please contact MV PTO via email

Motion to file Lacie Pifko

C.A.P.E Report

Presented by Jodi Harris: The February 2021 meeting minutes are available on the Meadow View Elementary website under the PTO tab. Next meeting is this Friday March 26th, 2021. CAPE Award Winners are: Staff Award Winner - Lane Paulson, Staff Support Winner - Nicole Brenghause, & Volunteer Winner - Lacie Pifko.


Building Enhancement Committee

            MV PTO purchased 5 document cameras for staff. Next meeting in the Spring to discuss summer and fall projects.

MV PTO Business

  • Activities
    • Build-A-Mustang ConnectED scheduled for April 8th, fees due ($15/kit) April 15th, workshop scheduled April 22nd.
  • Annual Student Gift - Mustang water bottle for current students and incoming 2021 fall Kindergarteners
  • Congratulations to the MV PTO 2021-2023 Board Officers
    • Atiya Young - President
    • Nicole Lawson - 1st Vice President of Fundraising
    • Lauren Turvey - Secretary/Liaison
    • Lacie Pifko - Treasurer


Next General Meeting - May,12, 2021 6pm

Interested in the MV PTO Executive Board contact us at

MV PTO will continue to bring fun and exciting activities this year.  Be sure to join our Facebook page to receive the latest information.

Anyone with questions at any time throughout the year please direct them to

Open Forum

No questions or comments were presented.

Motion to Adjourn: 1st Christy Blanco, 2nd   Jodi Harris 6:28 PM









March 24, 2021

Meadow View PTO Meeting

Principal Report

I.                    Welcome and Thank you for attending tonight’s meeting.

II.                  As of today, MV has an enrollment of 519 students.

III.                I would like to thank all our parents, staff members, and students as everyone continues to do a great job this school year.

IV.                 The 3rd quarter ended on Friday, March 19th.  Report cards for the 3rd quarter will be sent electronically on Friday, April 16th.

V.                  Monday night, the District Board of Education approved new attendance zones for some schools due to the opening of Wallin Oaks Elementary.  Meadow View’s attendance zones were not changed and will remain as is.

VI.                Students will be on spring break from Monday, March 29th through Tuesday, April 6th.  Students will return to MV on Wednesday, April 7th.  When students do return from spring break, we will begin our new 5-days per week in-person schedule.  In-person students will attend school 5-days per week from 8:45-12:25.  MV will have 364 students in-person and 155 students remote.

VII.               Student pictures will be taken on April 26th and April 29th by HR Imaging.  More information on the picture day schedules and ordering pictures will be shared in April.

Meadow View yearbooks are currently on sale for $15.00 and can be ordered online at book/ or order forms are available in the main office.  Yearbook orders are due April 9th.

We are also asking families for help in sharing pictures that could be considered for our yearbook.  If you have any pictures from this school year of students doing something school related (students Zooming, students working on a school project, students participating in spirit week, etc..) please send all photos to Mrs. Stepanek in our office at for consideration to be included in MV’s 2020-2021 school yearbook.

VIII.            Testing Information:

*All EL students have/will be taking the ACCESS tests between now and the end of May.

* All 3rd - 5th Grade students will take the Illinois Assessment of Readiness this April.  This assessment is a required state assessment and is aligned with Illinois’s Common Core State Standards. The Illinois Assessment of Readiness will be administered in an online format and consists of 3 ELA tests and 3 Math tests which will be administered over three days.

*All 5th grade students will take the ISA (Illinois Science Assessment) in May.


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