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Home PTO Minutes June 2023

June 2023


DATE: Wednesday, June 7, 2023 TIME:  11:00 am




Jessica Obrzut - President,

Amanda Dabbas - Co Vice President, Lauren Sanford - Co Vice President, 

Stacy Judy - Secretary, Jodi Manetti - Treasurer Vickie Matthies - Member-at-Large


Present: Jessica Obrzut, Amanda Dabbas, Stacy Judy, Lauren Sanford, Jodi Manetti (had to leave early) 


CONVENE: 11:00



  • The PTO board met with Dr. Sorg and Mrs. Bialek on June 2 to create the budget and work on the calendar.  The board met today to complete the calendar and assign people to head committees.

  • Jodi mentioned that our Sams membership check has not been cashed yet.  We need to look into this.

  • We would like to create a digital email of all promotions so teachers can post them on Bloomz or any platform them use.

  • For the November dinner during conferences we will order Macianos again.

  • Last year the student council asked to take Friendship Grams from us.  They did not do them, however.  We need to see if we can take back Friendship Grams. If we take them back, we may do ring pops that say “You’re a Gem of a Friend.”

  • Someone needs to ask the office how many volunteers we need to find for picture day.



  • For Kindergarten Round-up we need to create a survival kit for 90 kids.  Jodi will look at items on Oriental Trading.

  • This summer we need to create Boo Bags for Kindergarten on the first day of school. We should make copies of the calendar and sign up sheet.

  • Jodi would like to put out a newsletter to parents at the beginning of the school year to hand out at the teacher meet and greet. She would like to include a list of what the PtO accomplished last year and our goals for the upcoming school year.  Jodi is going to start working on this.

  • The board discussed passing out popsicles again at the meet and greet. Stacy is going to stop by the school to see how many popsicles we have left.  We are going to sell shirts.

  • For the teacher grab-and-go  breakfast on the day of the meet and greet, Amanda will order 3 dozen bagels.  —-

  • For the teacher back to school lunch we will be ordering food from Panda Express.  We need to find out closer to the date what time they would like lunch delivered. 


  • The board made a list of things we need to talk to the teachers about at the institute day.  

  • $50 for each teacher

  • Attending the PTO meetings, 1 a year

  • Keeping the PTO notes (popcorn forms etc.) and turning all of them in at once

  • Ask teachers who still has their folders and who needs one


  • Jodi Manetti volunteered to chair the popcorn club committee. We are going to be passing popcorn club forms in 2 rounds. The first will be the first week of school and the second will be the second week of school.  We are asking teachers to hold everything to turn in all at once. 


  • In order to have shirts for spirit wear we will send the Eich's orders home Due back by September 5. 


  • For the Glow Party we need to find out how many segments there will be and how many volunteers we need for each segment. 



  • Lauren Sanfordwill chair the movie night committee. The new Super Mario Brothers Movie was chosen for the first movie day. WE decided that we liked using the tickets to enter.  We decided to use the popcorn template to add x and check off who is going.  Rather than retyping all of the contact information we will put forms in alphabetical order by class. We will use NHS again for help. 


  • Stacy Judy will chair the Trunk-or-Treat committee.  At our meeting on June 2 we decided to move trunk-or-treat to a Saturday afternoon.  We are going to get 2 food trucks and a dessert truck. 
    We will make arrangements for the trucks at the beginning of September. We would like to use the truck from Family Fun Night again. We will have a contest that whichever class from each grade who donated the most candy will win a treat.  Freeze pops, push pops, or italian ice were discussed as the treat.  


  • We are required to provide judges for the homecoming parade.  We think we will need 2. Amanda Dabbas or Jessica Obrzut will let us know the judging criteria once is is provided.


  • Jodi Manetti will chair the Holiday Shop Committee.  She would like to ask Mrs Morris to help create decorations in art such as snowflakes to hang.  She would also like to have a balloon arch.  Jodi will order coffee mugs, wine glasses, and if she can find them, beer steins from Dollar Tree.  


  • Once we learn how the teachers want to run the 2 yearly parties we will decide if we need a party committee.  If we are just providing snacks we will not need one. 


  • In order to avoid the undelivered Tootsie Pops we have decided to ask for volunteers to put together the ghosts for the Boo Grams, but have the PTO board tag them all themselves.  


  • We discussed possible dates for family dinner nights and where we wanted to go each month.  These are being scheduled.(See the PTO calendar) 

  • For teacher appreciation we discussed emailing daily reminders of what is happening to the teachers.  We will remove the choice “other” from the snack cart sign up.  We would like to keep the snack cart, smoothies, dessert day, and lunch.


Meeting Adjourned:  


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