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January 2022 Cape Report



January 22, 2022

In Person/Zoom Teleconference

In attendance: Board Members: Joanne Baker, and Atiya Coleman Young, Casie Clark, Blair Kramer

 Administration:  Dr. Lane Abrell, Tom Hernandez

 Board of Education: Barb Seiden (virtual)


Bonnie McBeth


Central Elem.


Charles Reed




Crystal Lawns


Eagle Point




Grand Prairie




Lakewood Falls










River View


Thomas Jefferson


Walker’s Grove




Aux Sable


Drauden Point


Heritage Grove


Indian Trail


Ira Jones




Timber Ridge


Plainfield Academy










Wallin Oaks










Call to Order: Meeting called to order by CAPE President, Atiya Coleman Young at 9:30 am. All present recited The Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call: Roll call taken.



Dr. Abrell

  • Dr Glenn Wood will be taking over and is all ready to go.  Day 93 of in person education.  This is the third school year of Covid. 
  • We have two extra days to add on to the end of the school year due to staffing issues.
  • Our teachers have been hero’s due to internal subbing.
  • We know in person learning is the best for all and that is what we are striving for.
  • There is a court hearing in Illinois about mask regulations in the schools that is happening right now.  A ruling should come in the next few weeks.  If it is decided that masks are optional then we have a lot of tough choices and decisions to make.
  • Early release is just an option that some students qualify for, but that doesn’t mean a student can’t take a class during that time period.
  • Students can take the ACT but the SAT is required.

Tom Hernandez

  • Whatever the local judge says first, it will be appealed immediately by the loser of the case.  This means we will not act immediately.  We want to see how it all plays out. It will probably end at the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • Young Hearts For Life events are coming up and are in desperate need of volunteers. The events will be happening at South and North in February.  Information is on the high school websites and district websites.


Principal PEHS Dr. Joe O’Brien

  • Second semester is when it all begins. Course selection is occurring right now. 
  • We are also currently doing exploration night for the incoming class of 2026. Families can meet staff and see all that the schools offer.
  • SAT prep has begun for junior class.  Excel Edge in person classes have all been filled but the district website has virtual options that students can participate in.
  • Spring Musicals are underway at all the high schools.
  • Our teachers and staff have been amazing and true heroes during all of this.

Principal Ira Jones Tom Novinski

  • Contact tracing is the most thankless job.
  • Teachers are amazing and have gone above and beyond this year.
  • Eighth graders are choosing classes for high school.
  • Our fifth graders are choosing band choir or encore classes for next year.
  • April and May fifth graders will go visit the middle schools.
  • February is when middle schools participate in spelling bees.
  • BOB is occurring right now.  District BOB is at the end of February.
  • Finishing up IReady testing right now.
  • FInishing up wrestling season right now.
  • Starting up Essential Five Survey for students and parents.

Principal Ridge Kyle Harej

  • A lot of thanks to the contact tracing teams at the schools and district level. 
  • Getting into a busy season with assessments. IReady is finishing up.  ELA is taking an access test.
  • Last year's results will be coming home soon.
  • OLSAT is being given to second and fifth grade to access for gift program
  • ISA and IRA testing are also occurring.
  • Reassessing lunchroom procedures to align with new state standards.

Board of Education

Barb Seiden

  •  Thank all families and staff for patience during the Covid upsurge.
  • We understand parents are nervous and scared with all the changes, and we are doing all that we can to keep everyone safe.
  • The schools are happy with the extra social workers and full day kindergarten.
  • Curriculum department is working to make sure we are in compliance with all the new changes and policies.
  • Thanks to all that are doing the contact tracing in the schools.  Also thank you to the parents who are kind and patient when they hear they have to keep their students home.

Dawn Bullock (APT)

  • February 21 is the next day off.
  • Work turn in from the students who have been excluded is really encouraged.  Please have your children working on what they are missing as they are at home as much as possible.

Community Report:

Mindy Jackson-Plainfield Public Library

  • Winter reading programs going on right now.
  • Reading challenges are going on right now online for students.  You do not need a library card to participate.
  • We do have SAT prep programs monthly and online free help for ACT and SAT prep.
  • Virtual presentation January 31 for parents on online safety for teens.  It will be live streamed and recorded.
  • Next Friday the library will be closed for staff development next Friday January 29.

Laura Yanchic Joliet Library

  • Winter reading programs are occurring right now.
  • We are offering programs that allow for people to come in when they are available.
  • Saturday we are offering an escape room type activity about dragons that will be happening all day.

Plainfield Park District

  • January 31,there will be a family pizza and bingo night at PARCC.
  • February 11, there will be a daddy daughter dance at PARCC.
  • February 2, stage play classes will be starting for ages 5-8.  The kids will participate in the play Haphazardly Ever After.
  • March 5 kid yoga classes will be occurring all day.
  • PARCC has walkin passes.
  • Youth t-ball and flag football are open for sign up.
  • Pony rides are also being offered this spring.

Guest Speaker

Barb Sciezska

CPA versus EA

  • CPA certified public accountant.  They have gone to school and taken tests.  They also are required to do continuing education.
  • Enrolled Agents have taken the EA test. Anyone can take that test and there is no extra schooling for those people, nor is there continuing education.
  • Tax law is constantly changing so make sure you are using someone who continually studies the laws.  This would be a CPA.
  • First thing is fill out an article of incorporation form the first year you become a group. Your group should use the school’s address, not a personal address. 
  • 114 is the annual report that comes every year after.  This needs to be filed every year and goes to the secretary of state office. Annual report is what this form is called. Illinois is finally allowing you to file this online for a small fee.
  • Annual Report AG990-IL this is the Illinois tax return.  This is usually the form that gets missed. $15 filing fee each year.  This is the form that can rack up very large amounts of late fees.
  • IRS form is also a 990.  Your accountant should file this.
  • 10-23 to file for your 501-C3.  The paperwork for this extreme.  The instructions alone are 40 pages. 
  • $25,000 in total gross income in order to qualify to file with the attorney general’s office.
  • Gene Brannon is a CPA here in Plainfield.  Michelle Bratland is a CPA  in Romeoville.  Sara Leony in Joliet is another CPA.
  • Parent groups should be incorporated and have liability insurance.  This covers your personal self.
  • It is usually a few hundred dollars to file with a CPA.  The cost greatly depends on time needed and how organized everything is.
  • You can check the government websites to make sure that everything has been filed properly.

President’s Report:

Atiya Coleman Young

Young Hearts for Life

  • Please consider volunteering if possible.  Links are on the CAPE cafe page and district websites. Training is a half hour or hour.  You can volunteer half day or full day.

CAPE Scholarship

  • The date was pushed back to April.  We are finishing up the forms right now and will be coming out soon.

Treasurer Information Form

  • So far we only have six responses.  This went out before break and a reminder was sent last week.  We are asking this form to be completed by February 4.



Secretary’s Report:

Casie Clark

  • Minutes – December minutes were sent and hopefully you could access them.
  • Motion to file: 1st Linda Timber 2nd East Mary

 Treasurer’s Report:

Joanne Baker

  • $7,485.19 starting balance
  • $7,550.83 ending balance
  • Motion to File - 1st Mary East, 2nd Linda Timber

Old & New Business:

CAPE Reception Timeline

  • This was sent out to everyone. 
  • Community Award Winner is someone who affects the whole community and not just your school or student. 
  • We will send out the google form for the winners and bios to be submitted.
  • We want our winners to be someone who hasn’t won in the past five years. Look at brand new parents or parents who are in their last year.
  • March 3 will be when we ask you to vote on the community award winner.
  • March 11 we are asking for the five proud moments to be included in the presentation.
  • We are asking for a digital picture of the three winners to be used in the slideshow.  Pictures should be sent to the
  • Memorial Page names should be submitted by March 11.
  • Attendee list should also be submitted by March 11. Admin, CAPE reps, and winners are all invited right now. 
  • We will send an email invitation to send to your winners.

CAPE Reception Responsibilities

  • Schools signed up for prep will send two people. We will meet at the admin building to put together the swag bags.
  • Registration - day of event two people will be required to come the day of the event and help hand out bags and take attendance.

Open Discussion Topic: Tips for Selecting Announcing and Celebrating CAPE Award Winners

  • Walker’s Grove gave flowers, a balloon, and printed invites to their winners.  When they were told that is when they had their pictures together.
  • Let all people nominated know what was said about them.
  • Grand Prairie would invite the family of the winner to the PTO meeting.
  • Meadowview would give little jewelry gifts at the reception to the winners.
  • Timber Ridge would announce at the staff meetings the winners.
  • Some schools would include the past winners on their nomination forms.


February 5, Saturday Who Am I event at the Bolingbrook Rec Center sent out to students 12 and over. It takes place from 1:00-4:00.  Students move through stations to learn about themselves and goals and ways to achieve these goals.  All students are invited no matter their mailing address.  Only 200 spots are available.


Adjournment: Meeting ended at 11:00 Motion to Adjourn:1st  Mary 2nd Veronica


Next Meeting is: February 25, 2022






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