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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should my child enter the building for school if he/she is a...

  • Car rider – car riders are dropped off by the school’s front doors, except kindergarteners who have to be dropped off at door B, which is the next door down from the main school doors. Car riders may also be dropped off on the south side of school otherwise known as the bus loop (door C); however, when using this door, car riders must yield to and stop for all buses.
  • Bus rider – bus riders are dropped off on the south side of school (door C).
  • Walker – walkers may enter through the main school doors or through the doors on the south side of school (door C).
  • Kindergarten – In order to reduce child anxiety with entering the school with higher grades, kindergartners must enter through door B, whether they are a walker or car rider.

How early can I drop off my child before school starts?

School doors open at 8:50 a.m. No supervision is provided until 8:40a.m.,  so please use your discretion. School starts at 9:05 a.m. If your children enter the building after 9:05 a.m. they are considered tardy. If your child is tardy you are required to walk into the office with your child to sign them in.

Where should my first grader/kindergartener meet his class on the first couple days of school? For the first couple days of school, first graders and kindergarten will meet in the school gym. Each teacher will have a sign with her name on it. He should find his teacher and stand in that line. The teachers will help get all students to the appropriate classroom.

Where are Crossing Guards located?
Crossing guards are located at the intersection of Vision and Desert, and the intersection of Mirage and Desert.

When are the Crossing Guards on duty?
Crossing guards are on duty from 8:25 – 8:55 a.m. and then again from 3:25 – 3:55 p.m.

Are snacks allowed in school?
First through fifth grade students may bring a snack and drink to school. The snack should be healthy and something that can be eaten in a ten minute break. Check with the teacher to make sure certain snacks may be eaten in the classroom as some students may have severe allergies to certain contents (i.e. peanuts). The drink must be a clear liquid to allow easy clean up and prevent staining of carpets.

Lunch –

  • Are there lunch supervisors and what are their responsibilities?
    Yes. There are six supervisors, 3 per each grade and they are responsible for making sure that the students are eating nicely, they are being orderly, and above all having a good time.
  • How long does my child get for lunch?
    All-Day Kindergarten through 5th grade get a twenty-five minute lunch.
  • How long does my child get for recess?
    All-Day kindergarten through 5th Grade get a twenty-five minute recess.
  • Where do they play at recess?
    Where students play varies with weather and the condition of the field. If it is above 20 degrees (including wind chill) and the field is dry, children may use both the blacktop and the field to play on. If it is above 20 degrees and the field is wet, children may only play on the blacktop. If the weather is below 20 degrees, children will have indoor recess in their classrooms supervised by a lunch supervisor.
  • Can my child stay inside for recess?
    Yes. Students must have a written note from a parent to stay inside for recess. They will be allowed to stay inside for two days. Additional days will require a doctor’s note. Students staying in for recess will be sent to the lunchroom with something to work on or with a friend to play games.
  • Can I come up and have lunch with my child?
    Yes, all parties must sign in at the front desk first; then you and your child may have lunch at a specified table. Please ask a lunch supervisor as to the appropriate table to sit at. Because of crowded conditions, parents are not permitted to sit at their child’s regular table. You may either bring your lunch or may get a hot lunch. If you decide to get the specified day’s hot lunch, you must send the appropriate money with your child that day so that he/she may submit it in the morning. This allows the lunchroom to be prepared. You are not allowed to bring in food for other children then your own. Please check out with the office before you leave for the day.
  • When do lunch menus come out?
    Lunch menu’s come out every month. Hard copies are sent home in the Thursday folder and may also be viewed online.
  • What if my child forgets his/her lunch?
    Lunches can be dropped off in the office and may be picked up by the student just prior to lunch. Lunches will not be delivered to the classrooms.

    What is the lunch process if my child buys lunch? Picture ID cards are used in the lunchroom. All monies must be turned in each morning or the account must be updated online. The bar code, which is located on your child’s ID card, is scanned into the computer updating his account. Students who are new to Meadow View are given a temporary card with their student ID on it, until pictured ID cards can be acquired.
  • What if my child wants to buy just a milk?
    If your child wants to buy just a milk, you must place the exact amount (if possible) in his/her lunch bag. Your child will then go get his/her milk and deposit the money in a can located by the register – no need to stand in the lunch line.

    What if my child has allergies; is there an area where he/she can eat? The lunchroom has one peanut free table which is specially cleaned after each lunch period.
  • What are the rules of the lunchroom?
    Children cannot share food, must keep hands to themselves, and must remain seated until dismissed. Screaming, whistling, and yelling are not allowed. Fighting is not permitted under any circumstances. Each class will have an assigned table in the cafeteria and each class must be seated at the assigned table unless otherwise directed. If your child needs help, he/she must raise his/her hand and a lunch supervisor will come and address your child’s issue. No toys from home should be brought to school.

If my child brings a lunch to school where is it placed?
Each classroom has carts, similar to grocery carts, that the child puts his/her lunch in. As a child’s classroom responsibility he/she rolls the cart to the lunchroom and brings it back to class.

How do I update emergency information on my child?
All information regarding your child can be updated at the front desk. Ask the office for a “Student Information Sheet” to fill out.

Where can I pick up my child after school?

  • Car rider – car riders are dismissed outside the front door and bus door (door C). Please note that if you are picking your child(ren) up at the bus door, please wait until all busses have arrived before lining up.
  • Bus rider – bus riders are boarded on the south side of school (door C).
  • Walkers – walkers are dismissed through the gym doors. Grades K (PM) - 2 exit out door E, while grades 3 - 5 are dismissed through the door F.
  • Kindergarten – AM Kindergarteners exit through three different doors depending on who the teacher is. Mrs. Netterstrom-Wolfe exits through door B; Ms. Palendech exits through door C; and Mrs. Harding exits through door D.

Can I change how my child is picked up?
Yes. Any change must be submitted in writing to either the teacher or the office.

What if I’m late to pick up my child?
If you foresee that you will be late in picking up your child(ren), please call the office to let them know. Keeping your emergency contact number(s) updated is also important for such situations.

What are “Specials” and who teaches them?
Specials start at kindergarten with PE classes. Once your children move up to first grade, they are introduced to Art, Music, and Health/Wellness. Specials are not done by class. Each child is randomly picked and put into a color group across his/her grade level. This helps students meet other peers in their grade level. There are six color groups. The school is on an ABCDE schedule which can be found on the schools website. Instructors for these particular specials may also be found on the website.

Are there any musical performances?
Yes. There are two performances per year, one in the fall and then another in the spring; however, each grade will only perform once. It is up to the music director to determine which grades will perform when, and every year is different. Due to class size, performances are held at Plainfield South High School.

Are there programs to help my child if he/she needs special learning services?
Yes. Meadow View has a program called FLEX. The Flex process begins when a parent or a member of the school staff has a concern about a child’s academic progress or behavior. With input from parents, teachers, and other staff members, the Flex team will determine specific interventions or strategies which can be used in the classroom to address the targeted concern(s). For additional information regarding the Flex process, please contact your child’s teacher.

What if my child needs help with his/her speech and language skills?
In the fall of each school year, the Speech and Language Clinicians screen students new to our school for speech difficulties. This automatically includes all kindergarten students.

Throughout the year the Speech clinicians work with identified students on a resource basis. The clinicians will be in contact with classroom teachers early in the school year to set schedules.
Are there advance programs available for my child to take? Yes. In second grade your child will take the Terra Nova exam. This test is the first step in eligibility to work with a differential specialist in third grade.

What is Reading Readiness?
In addition to what is stated in the parent handbook, children are evaluated in the fall and spring by reading specialist to determine if they are in need of this service.
Is the Media Center available to use? Yes. All students have an opportunity to check out books at the Media Center. Parent resources are also available to check out as well. Please contact a PTO board member for a complete list and how to check out these resource books.

What is the Thursday folder?
The Thursday folder is a communication folder between the school and parents containing information about PTO programs and/or other community information.
What are Mustangs that my child’s classroom earns? In order to focus on positive student behavior and encourage appropriate recess and lunchroom etiquette, Meadow View issues a Mustang program called Magnificent Models of Mustang Behavior in the lunchroom and at recess (M&M).

Students who display M&M behavior at lunch and recess will be given Mustangs to earn for their class. After students have received 20 Mustangs for their class, they will earn an announcement and a Mustang mascot to display in their rooms for a week. The lunch supervisors will be responsible for catching M&M behavior and presenting students with Mustangs. Mustangs are earned individually but counted toward the entire class. After 15 earned announcements, the PTO will sponsor a popcorn party for the class.

What is Pillar of the Month and how does a student get honored with this award?
Meadow View’s learning community believes in teaching, modeling, and supporting the growth of positive character traits in all of the students. Meadow View has adopted “Character Counts!” to nurture and develop positive student behavior. At the start of each month a new character trait will become the school’s focus in which the teacher educates his/her students. Character traits are as follows:

September - Character Counts! Provide an overview or introduction.

October - Responsibility. Being accountable for your actions and not blaming others for your mistakes, recognizing and doing your duties, pursuing excellences, and using self-control.

November - Respect. Treating others the way that you want to be treated, show you appreciate each other and everyone’ differences.

December - Trustworthiness. Being honest, keeping promises, and being loyal so others can trust you.

January - Fairness. Playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing, listening to others, and not trying to take advantage of others.

February - Caring. Being kind, helpful, generous, considerate, and unselfish to others.

March - Citizenship. Respecting authority, cooperating with others, obeying laws and rules, and protecting the environment.

April - CHARACTER COUNTS! Use recognition activities to summarize.

At the end of each month teachers will pick a student in his/her class that has portrayed that characteristic for that month and the child’s name will be proudly displayed on the bulletin board located in the hallway near the cafeteria. The winning students will be given a certificate to take home.

What is Student of the Month and how does a student get honored with this award?
A teacher will pick a student who has shown behavior that is above and beyond what is expected in the classroom. If picked, the student’s name is proudly displayed on the bulletin board located in the hallway near the cafeteria, The winning students will be given a certificate to take home.

When are parent/teacher conferences?
There are two conferences per school year. The first are held in November, and the second in March.

When do report cards go out?
Report cards are sent home quarterly; in October, January, March, and June. Kindergarten students receive formal report cards only twice a year – in January and in June.

When do mid-term reports go out?
Mid-term reports go out at the half-way mark in each quarter.

Are there classroom parties?
Yes. There are three classroom parties per year held during the last hour of the day; one in the fall, the winter, and then one more in the spring (friendship).

If you decide to volunteer for a classroom party, please be aware that siblings cannot attend as it can be a distraction to you as well as the students. Also, parking is only allowed in the parking lots. Please do not park in front of the building where parents’ line up to pick up their car riders, and please do not park on the south side of school (around door C) where busses line up. Parking around those areas will only cause a delay in dismissal. If you have any additional concerns as to where to park, please contact the school prior to the day of the party.

What if my child has lost an item at school?
Items that are found in the gym, learning center, or other parts of the building will be placed in the Lost and Found container in the hall outside the cafeteria. Occasionally during family activities at school, lost and found items may be placed on tables in the front lobby to jog students’ and parents’ minds. Valuable items, including money, jewelry, etc., will either be locked in a teacher’s desk or given directly to the building secretary where it will be locked up in the office.

How can I buy spirit wear?
You may buy spirit wear anytime during the year through the PTO. Order forms can be found on the website under the PTO tab, and occasionally go out in the Thursday folder.

How can I volunteer?

  • PTO offers many great activities throughout the year; check with PTO board members for more information.
  • In the classroom, teachers need help running classroom parties and you may also volunteer as a L.O.V.E. parent. Being a L.O.V.E. parent involves listening to students read text that was given during instruction in order to build their fluency. Also, check with individual teachers for any additional volunteering opportunities.

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