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December Cape 2021

CAPE Report
December 10th, 2021
Dr. Abrell
● Discussed recent online threats. It becomes difficult to get the right amount of
information out about threats in an appropriate amount of time.
● Attendance is back to normal at the high schools.
● A response to a question - Eighth period day has been discussed. There is a cost
associated with adding an eighth period and the possibility of an increase of
graduation credits.
Tom Hernandez
● There were 2 online threats presented that were NOT real. The district contacts the police
department immediately once a threat surfaces. The district has an amazing relationship with
the police force. These threats are taken very seriously. At the time of the threats the schools
were placed in a soft lockdown in order to investigate the threat.
● Please have a conversation with your students about the severity of these threats and the
repercussion that may occur.
Tim Albores of PPCN (Plainfield Parent Community Network)
● A Suicide Awareness event is happening next week in response to multiple
suicides in the area recently. (PEHS December 14th 6pm & PSHS December
16th 6pm). These events will be recorded and posted on the PPCN website.
● Speak to your children about suicide. The conversation does not increase the
risk. Currently the second leading cause of death in children.
PSHS Principal Bob Yanello
● No finals this semester. Completion of make up work, projects, and assessments.
● Winter athletics is in full stride (cheer, poms, swimming, basketball, and wrestling
are all underway.
● Class concerts and madrigals are currently performing. Spring musical tryouts are
Indian Trail Principal John Evans
● Musicals occurring at this time along with holiday concerts.
● In sports: Basketball and cheer are wrapping up. Wrestling & girls basketball begin after break.
● I-Ready testing is occurring now at some schools and will continue after winter break.
● Report cards will be sent soon.
● Many schools and the district are hosting fundraisers for families in need.
Grand Prairie Principal Heather Whisler
● I-Ready testing is happening in December and January for the second time this year.
● Report cards are scheduled for January 14th
● Friday December 17th is a SIP day and the beginning of winter break returning January 3rd.
School Board (BOE):
Barb Seiden
● At the Curriculum Technology meeting we received the Illinois report card for schools
( Please refer to the website or the district website to access this
● Due to Covid some of the data may not be shown or accurate.
● Summer school will be at PNHS and PSHS this year. These classes are free of charge with
the exception of driver's education.
● BOE meeting is Monday December 13th at Wallin Oaks.
● We wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe holiday season.
Community Report:
Mindy Jackson Plainfield Public Library
● Thursday December 16th after school maker cafe for grades 6-12.
● Virtual family yoga December 18th
● Monday December 20th 4th-6th grade students may begin to submit entries into the
short story contest. Entries are due February 7th.
Laura Yanchic Joliet Public Library
● December activities include an indoor story walk and gnome hunt.
● Winter reading program begins January 1st.
● Library is updating the calendar software and will be ready shortly.
Angela Williams Plainfield Park District
● Winter/Spring registration is open.
● Sunday December 12th Santa’s Magic Globe from 1-6pm at PARC. Register online, $30
● December 19th pony rides will be available
● New Year’s Family countdown 11-1pm (games, crafts, inflatables) at PARC
● Kids yoga ages 5-7, 8-12, & 14+ will be open over winter break.
● College fitness passes are available for 2 months for $40.
● Open gym schedule is available and $5/person.
CAPE President Report:
Atiya Coleman Young
● CAPE Awards - January meeting will include more information surrounding this item.
● New winners. No one from the past 4 years. Include previous winners on your nomination
forms. Some schools have used google documents and signup genius to collect data.
● Suggested to use last year or previous winners to make up a committee to complete this
● Winter break is for all of us. CAPE, PTO/PTA, Boosters, Administration, students, and
families. Enjoy it and each other.
Old and New Business:
In January, Barb Scieszka will speak about financial filings for our organizations.
Reminder if you have a tax exempt status you have an agreement NOT to engage in
political campaign activity. If you do, you can lose your status.
Government filings
● Be sure the registered agent is updated with the Secretary of State.
● Illinois AG 990 report is also done yearly.
● The Illinois secretary of state status filing report is also done yearly.
● Not every group needs to file each of these, so please check with your group and
make sure that if you need to file you are doing so.
● CAPE will be collecting data from all the schools about their filings. This helps us
have a record for the groups, but also helps the groups ensure they are doing
everything they need to be doing. The document will be sent to the treasurers of
each group.
Next meeting is January 21st, 2022 at 9:30am.

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