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August 2021

August 27, 2021 

In Person/Zoom Teleconference 

In attendance: Board Members: Blair Kramer, Erinn Hennes, Joanne Baker, Atiya Coleman Young, Casie Clark, Melissa Pennuto

 Administration: Lane Abrell, Tom Hernandez Board of Education: Barb Seiden 


Bonnie McBeth 


Central Elem. 


Charles Reed 




Crystal Lawns


Eagle Point 



Grand Prairie 




Lakewood Falls









River View


Thomas Jefferson 


Walker’s Grove 




Aux Sable 


Drauden Point

Heritage Grove 


Indian Trail 


Ira Jones 



Timber Ridge


Plainfield Academy 









Wallin Oaks



Call to Order: Meeting called to order by CAPE President, Atiya Coleman Young at 9:34 am. All present recited The Pledge of Allegiance 


Welcome Wallin Oaks to their first meeting.  We presented the check to Wallin Oaks PTA in the amount of $1,500 from donations from all the schools.


Welcome all our new reps.


Roll Call: Roll call taken. 


Dr. Abrell 

  •  Despite everything, the year is off to a great start.  Our biggest issue is transportation right now.  We contract out transportation and food service.  About under a 1,000 students are affected, and we only became aware about it Wednesday night.  We are even surveying staff to see if they have CDL and looking into vans and working with the park district.  Also looking into working with first student who buses most of the students.  

  • We continue to go forward with as many normal activities as possible.  The masks will probably not be leaving any time soon.

  • We will be complying with the governors order to have all staff vaccinated or they must submit to twice weekly Covid tests.

  • Teachers and staff are working extra hard to make this year an amazing experience for all our students.

  • Thank you to all parents who volunteer and help our district run smoothly.

Tom Hernandez 

  • Agrees with everything Dr. Abrell said.

  • Reminds everyone that the governor has the authority to make these decisions and we have no control over that.

  • Please don’t let our personal feelings weigh on the children.

  • We need parent help and support to keep some sort of normalcy for our kids.

  • This is Dr. Arbell’s last year, and we want to thank him for all he has done for this district.

  • Take social media with a grain of salt and call Tom for answers.

  • Full day kindergarten is officially in all 18 buildings.


Introduction of New Staff

  • Dr. Stacey DiBitetto - Principal at Wallin Oaks 

  • Kyle Harej - Principal at Ridge

  • Kimberly Napolski - Assistant Principal at Ridge

  • Jennifer Lewis- Assistant Principal at Wallin Oaks

  • Erin Allison - Assistant Principal at Liberty

  • Karl Lustrup - Assistant Principal at Creekside

  • Elizabeth Simonic - Assistant Principal at Aux Sable

  • Dr. Glenn Wood  - Will be our new superintendent next year.

  • Megan Urban- Elementary Education Special Education Administrator

  • Kelly Larson - Coordinator for Red and Orange Houses

  • Linda Taylor- Assistant Director of Community Relations in Green and Blue House


Dawn Bullock (APT Representative) 

  • We repeat lessons daily and weekly.

  • We have google classroom and if your child is quarantined it is there for them to make sure they have access to what was taught.

  • At middle school and high school we want the kids to advocate and reach out if they need assistance.

  • Any issue you have, please start with the teacher so they have a chance to work with the student and family to help clear up any misunderstandings.

  • We are looking to make school as fun as we can.

 School Board (BOE): 

 Barb Seiden

  • CAPE is a huge asset and we really appreciate all of you.

  • We are very excited to have kids back in the building this year.

  • Pending boe policy that references PTO PTA boosters, that whatever your groups put out is on the group and not from the district

Community Report: 

Mindy Jackson-Plainfield Public Library 

  •  Sept 11, story walk in honor of 20 year anniversary.

  • Check out online calendar for Future Event

  • Take and Make will continue on days with no school.

  • HS age practice SAT program 1:00-4:00 at library once a month.

  • Sept 20 Virtual program how to prepare for rising costs of college.

  • Brain Fuse Help Now is live tutoring and homework help online.

Laura Yanchic Joliet Library

  • Brain Fuse also at the Joliet Library.

  • Email being sent with future events.


Presidents Report: 

Atiya Coleman Young

CAPE Communication

  • Looking to make consistent information.

  • Email checked twice a day.  We will either respond or send a notice that we received your concerns.

  • New survey sent to schools for contact information being sent out today.

  • CAPE CAFE is a private facebook group to share information to cape reps.

  • Sharing is Caring

  • Relaunch the google drive. Allowing you access information without having to reach out to a board member.

  • Goal is to be proactive not reactive.

  • Fully transparent and share everything.  

Creating Connection and Enhancing Member Support

  • Create processes and programs to make sure CAPE continues to grow and be a part of the commitment.

  • FInding new opportunities to create more leadership in CAPE.  

  • We will be surveying everyone for ideas on how to be a better organization.

  • All members are CAPE, CAPE is not just the executive board.

2022 Homecoming Parade

  • Document will be loaded to the google drive with all information.

  • Any group can participate in the parade.  We encourage everyone to join in the fun.

  • Application is on the district website.

  • Deadline is Sept 22.

  • Theme for the parade is Coming Together

  • Google doc of description due by Sept 27

  • In line by 8:15 or put at the end of the line

  • Buy extra candy.  You need more than you think.  No throwing candy.

  • Drop off at Ira Jones and walk to the parade route.

  • Plan to pick up at Bott Park.

  • Winners will be announced at the end of the parade.

  • Is there a general liability form for kids participating in the float? Was a question asked by a member.  We will look into it and get back to you, but there is no official form.

  • Schools with Floats are

  • Judges will be found by the following schools.  You need to find 3 judges, who are community members.  We are hoping to have all new judges this year.  Submit the judges bios to Blair Kramer.  We also need you to provide judge swag bags that have a $100 total for all the bags.

  • Previous winners, please return trophies back to us by the next meeting.  If you drop it at the admin building please let us know so we can make sure it doesn't get lost.

CAPE FaceBook Page/Social Media and You!

  • Blair is running the facebook page.  

  • Please share your fundraisers so we can share with the community.

  • Please be careful with what you say on social media and encourage people to call the school or reach out to Tom Hernandez.

  • CAPE does not create or provide information on behalf of the district.  We can send you to the appropriate people to get your information.

Program Pickup

  • We have extra programs for people who need them.  They are at this meeting and will also be here at the next meeting. They will be thrown out after that.



Secretary’s Report: 

Casie Clark (Atiya Coleman Young)

  • Minutes – last month’s minutes were emailed. 

  • Motion to file: 1stLacey Meadowview; 2nd Veronica Eichelberger

 Treasurer’s Report: 

Joanne Baker 

  • Cape Dues Invoice are here.  Those not in attendance we will email out.

  • August 27  starting balance - $8410.15 

  • August 27 ending balance - $6045.91

  • Motion to approve 1st Lacey Meadowview; 2nd Veronica Eichelberger


Yearly Budget

  • CAPE dues will be reduced for this year.

  • Dues will bring in $2,275

  • Adding an additional scholarship.  The Academy will now get its own scholarship.

  • Motion to adopt  1st Veronica Eichelberger; second Andrea south


Old & New Business: 

Getting to Know You spotlight (Blair)

  • Blair is working on following all the school’s facebook pages and the PTO/PTA pages as well.

  • We will email out our google document for updated information.  

  • We will be doing a spotlight on facebook page so we can all get to know each other better.

  • We will go in alphabetical order of school names. 

  • Hoping this will make us feel like a closer community.

2021-2022 CAPE Awards Update

  • We received a lot of positive feedback about last year’s award ceremony.  We will be following the same format this year.  

  • We are hoping the winners will be onsite this year. 

Scholarship Winners from 2020-2021

  • Tommy Brooks, Lucciano Bandino, Lily Van Wyk, Dylan Mallory. 

  • We received very sweet thank you notes from two of our winners.


  • Right now we can have events on the school grounds as long as they follow the guidelines. 

  • Food Trucks and what we need to do. There is a list of vendors approved with the health department.  TBD on how to get food vendors approved. Sue Peterson is the person from the district to reach out.

  • PTO PTA should have insurance for themselves to cover events they throw.

  • The new contact form will be coming out today.

  • Online attendees please have your name and school name.

  • Scholarship committee was added to the rotation of jobs.


Upcoming School Fundraisers


Lincoln August 31, Aurelios

South Sept 2, Hamburgersia

Central Sept 21, Hamburgersia

Drauden Point Sept 29, Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins

Indian Trail Aug 31, Hamburgersia


Adjournment:  11:00 AM 1st: Amy Lincoln 2nd:  Lacey Meadowview


Next Meeting is: September 24, 2021

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