Character Counts

Character Counts

Character Counts! teaches the 6 pillars of Character. These pillars promote Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship as the basis of good character. Throughout the school year, students will focus on a different pillar as a way to show that CHARACTER COUNTS! at Meadow View Elementary School.

Character really counts! At school, in personal relationships, at the workplace, and in life, who you are, makes a difference. It makes sense to teach young people the tools that will make them successful throughout life. We want the world to consist of good people, people we can trust and count on to make good decisions. The following provides an overview of the concepts that teachers recognize each month.

September: Character Counts! Students will receive an overview or introduction to the 6 pillars.

October: Responsibility - Being accountable for your actions and not blaming others for your mistakes, recognizing and doing your duties, pursuing excellences, and using self-control.

November: Respect - Treating others the way that you want to be treated, and showing you appreciate each other and everyone's differences.

December: Trustworthiness - Being honest, keeping promises, and being loyal so others can trust you.

January: Fairness - Playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing, listening to others, and trying not to take advantage of others.

February: Caring - Being kind, helpful, generous, considerate, and unselfish to others.

March: Citizenship - Respecting authority, cooperating with others, obeying laws and rules, and protecting the environment.

April: CHARACTER COUNTS! Students will review and reinforce what they have learned throughout the year.

M & M Awards

Magnificent Models of Mustang Behavior In the Lunchroom and at Recess

In order to focus on positive student behavior and encourage appropriate recess and lunchroom etiquette, Meadow View has begun M&M awards.

Students who display M&M behavior at lunch and recess will be given Mustangs to earn for their class. After students have received 20 Mustangs for their class, they will earn an announcement and a Mustang mascot to display in their rooms for a week. The lunch supervisors will be responsible for catching M&M behavior and presenting students with Mustangs. Mustangs are earned individually but counted toward the entire class. Once the class has earned 20 Mustangs, their teacher turns them in to the office.

After 15 earned announcements, the PTO will sponsor a popcorn party for the class. The class will have their picture displayed in the M&M showcase.

The following behaviors are examples of what constitutes M&M behavior:

1. Walking quietly in hallways.
2. Sitting in assigned areas.
3. Saying please and thank you to lunch monitors and servers.
4. Walking in the cafeteria.
5. Talking to the person in front of and beside you.
6. Displaying polite table manners.
7. Cleaning up after self.
8. Keeping hands and feet to self.
9. Helping a classmate.
10. Eating your own food and not sharing.
11. Using the quiet signal when it is time to go outside.
12. Asking permission to use the washroom and leave seat.
13. Any other behavior that is exemplary.

1. Waiting to be dismissed
2. Walking while exiting the lunchroom.
3. Playing games that have been taught by P.E. teachers.
4. Sharing and caring for equipment.
5. Gentle chasing/tagging games
6. Using appropriate language.
7. Keeping hands and feet to self.
8. Lining up when the whistle blows.
9. Being kind to a friend.
10. Not bringing toys to school.
11. Bringing softer playground balls to school (kickball or basketball instead of baseballs)
12. Any other behavior that is exemplary.

We believe lunch and recess should be a positive experience. Please review these procedures with your child and ask them how their day went.