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Hi Friends!

Its that time of year again: Website and App issues!! 😊

I wanted to keep you looped in that we have been experiencing an extraordinary number of students embracing our Heart Healthy monsters between the peak times of 6 pm -9 pm CST on the week days. With all this traffic, we have seen some parents and students experience issues with the website or mobile APP.  Our site vendors, with our support, have been working around the clock to fix these issues, including adding more computer hardware and making software code more efficient to handle the incredible number of students connecting to our mission.  Last night, we had no issues with our website, however, did have intermittent challenges with the APP.  Increasing the capacity of the mobile app is now the first priority and we are working around the clock to address this. 

To our parents or students, please note the following:

  • We are incredibly sorry for this inconvenience, we are working around the clock to fix this issue.
  • There is a CHAT BUTTON on the website that can help with registration.   
  • If they are having problems with the APP, please tell them they can register at in the mean time

    Once again, we are sorry and appreciate your support during this tremendous growth! This year alone, we have had as many as 250,000 students online in one day and 650% increase in our APP usage.  Your messaging is working!!  We are connecting more students to the mission of the American Heart Association and encouraging students to take the pledge of being more physical active, drinking more water and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

    This is a GREAT problem to have, but we understand still very frustrating during this busy time!  Thanks for hanging in there with us!!